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Guitar lessons in Ottawa are not very difficult to find. But many prospective students are confused about one factor. Should they approach a school that specializes in teaching guitar, or should they enroll in a music school which offers guitar course along with other lessons like piano, violin, drums and even vocal training?

This is a very justified concern, and brings on board the issue of generalized knowledge vs. specialized knowledge. Many people prefer a comprehensive approach towards music, and they generally appreciate a musician who has an overall idea about many genres of music and musical instruments.

In Ottawa, music schools such as Maestro in Home Music and Dave Millikan’s Music School are some of the more popular music instruction available. These schools offers a wide range of guitar learning genres as well as spectrum of instruments.

The people, who belong to this school of thought, contemplate that music is an organic whole. They think that learning guitar will be inadequate if one does not appreciate how intricately it is connected to other forms of string instruments and other music genres. A music school, which has multiple lessons on offer, will have a more inclusive view of teaching guitar. And even if the lessons solely focus on guitar, the tutor will be able to provide an intuitive understanding of the broader picture.

But many people prefer stand alone guitar schools, because according to them, specialization brings perfection. If a tutor is greatly experienced in playing guitar, he will know this instrument like the back of his hand. He or she will also be infinitely more capable of guiding the students about the intricacies of playing a guitar.

Furthermore, a guitar can be played in various styles like electric blues, acoustic blues, rock, heavy metal, country, folk etc. And any tutor specializing on one particular aspect, might be able to help the students with more detailed knowledge about that.

So, although there are many guitar lessons in Ottawa, the new students can be slightly confused about finding a suitable one. If you opt for a specialized guitar school, you can benefit from the experience of the specialized guitar tutors. But, if you opt for a general music school, the option to move on to some other musical instrument once you are comfortable with your guitar will become easier. This will contribute to the development of a complete musician.

Ultimately the choice is a personal matter and sometimes the quality of the course and the esteem of the music school are more important factors to consider than their specializations. So, choose any good course and start learning this fascinating instrument now!

By: Paul Benfort Harrison

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