Tom Cruise

Back in the eighties with his starring role in the movie Top Gun, Tom literally had thousands of youths launching desires to become fighter jet pilots which resulted in many of them actually defending the country up to this day.

The Syracuse New York born actor has been a heart throb for over 20 years & continues to put smiles on the faces of many women from the late teens to the mid 60′s. Cruise was born on July 3, 1962 under the astrological sign of Cancer. He is the son of Mary Lee (a sales lady), Thomas Cruise Mapother 111 (an electric engineer) & brother to 3 loving sisters.

Tom’s Early School Years:

o Attended Robert Hopkins Public school for grades 3, 4 & 5 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

o Henry Munro Middle School for grade 6 – The Carleton Board of Education (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

During his early years the family lived in a suburb area of Ottawa known as Beacon Hill. Tom was involved in drama since attending Henry Munroe public school in grade 6. The first play that Tom participated in was an instant success that led to tours throughout the Ottawa area & even aired on Canadian television stations. Tom was also very active in athletics & played floor hockey almost every night. Tom attended 15 schools in 12 years.

The family then migrated to Kentucky, United States when Tom’s dad had to take a position as a Defense Consultant with the Canadian Army.
Tom’s mom left his father when he was only 12 years old which resulted in her raising Tom & his sisters alone.

Cities that Tom lived in:

o Ottawa , Ontario

o Louisville, Kentucky

o Winnetka, Illinois

o Wayne, New Jersey

It was reported that Cruise suffered from dyslexia & at times claimed that he was bullied by his father who he thought came down on him too harshly when anything went wrong. Cruise was also a victim of bullying at school. He eventually dropped his father’s name at the young age of 12.

Before graduating from Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey, Cruise decided to become an actor when experiencing success in his role in Guys & Dolls (a high school production).

Tom Starred in Movies like:

o Taps (80s)

o The Outsiders (80s)

o Risky Business (80s)

o All the Right Moves (80s)

o Cocktail (80s)

o Rain Man (80s)

o Top Gun (80s)

o Born on the Fourth of July (90s)

o Day’s of Thunder (90s)

o Far & Away (90s)

o A Few Good Men (90s)

o Interview With the Vampire (90s)

o Mission Impossible (90s)

o Jerry McGuire (90s)

o Mission Impossible 2 (2000s)

o Minority Report (2000s)

o Vanilla Sky (2000s)

o The Last Samurai (2000s)

o Mission Impossible 3 (2000s)

o Collateral (2000s)

o War of the Worlds (2000s)

Cruise is said to be starring in the upcoming 2009 thriller Valkyrie

He is also a member to the Church of Scientology. He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards & has won 3 Golden Globe Awards. He is also known for having 7 consecutive blockbuster movies – $100 Million each; one out of 3 actors to achieve anything like this in the history of film. The other 2 are Tom Hanks & Will Smith.

By: Rory Singh

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